ILM Bucket Challenge

from Indie Lagone

ILM bucket challenge. 1 Bucket, 1-5 People. Each person must consume one beverage.
Indie Lagone Music Bucket Challenge will help to bring awareness and a cure for MUSICOSIS.
Musicosis is caused from over exposure to POP Music.
Indie Lagone will use all proceeds to release and promote their music to help combat this horrible disease.
If you perform the Bucket Challenge you only donate $20. If you choose not to ... you still donate $20.
Video your performance and then challenge your friends!

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Indie Lagone Knoxville, Tennessee

Lagone's music is like a Tarantino film, it is patient and when you least expect it...gotcha! It is laden with hooks, genre defying ideas and is Regionally undefinable. To most it is simply filled with a Driven and Haunting energy.

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